Sometimes I feel like I’m failing my way into success or at least some measure of greater achievement. I’m a WIP – a “work in progress” who is continuously committed to unlocking the positive from the negative or challenging. Allow me to share with you how I embraced life’s speed bumps in order to move forward into a better tomorrow. Expressing my personal reflections and that from others with a sprinkle of diplomacy, a dash or humour, a good portion of faith and all authentically real.

Stop Signs and Closed Doors

Have you ever sat back on the “hindsight” couch and recognized how grateful you are that certain doors never opened or certain relationships never materialized? It is through these circumstances, that I was able to gain immeasurable perspective and understanding. Rather than get emotionally toiled over situations that didn’t work out in the manner you initially desired, allow me to share with you how I discovered the benefits of “what wasn’t and what should never have been”. The insight in this presentation will help you to understand your role, the signs that present themselves and to minimize how much time you invest and allocate where you shouldn’t.

The Role of Empathy in Race and Privilege

We teach our children to treat everyone with the same level of love, kindness and respect regardless of creed or colour however there’s an unspoken reality that is quite uncomfortable to acknowledge and address. It’s the rude reality that inequalities do exist and there are numerous factors that feed into these inequities, particularly in race and privilege. Explore this timely topic of discussion as I share impactful stories, topical insights and historical examples that will leave you feeling enlightened, informed and hopefully more empathetic.

Finding the Value in Self, Without

Being told that you aren’t worthy because you do not have or you just aren’t good enough, can be deflating to one’s self-esteem. For me, I’m at a season in my life where I’m without a job, without a spouse and without child. Society would tell me that I’m unwanted and devalued, however despite the absence of those particulars, I’m not without confidence within myself. I’m not defined by these factors but instead I have learned that one can still have all of these elements in their life and still feel empty. What is your without? You aren’t a perfect size-6, you have no roof over your head, your only means of transportation are your two feet. How do you see yourself and how do you define self-value despite the absence of your desired particulars? Identify what is holding you back, how value should be defined and chart next steps towards a new mindset for a healthier version of self-value.

Layed-off for a Lay-Up
(Life’s Challenges)

Have you ever been thrown an unexpected curveball that affects your footing and your ability to move forward? In the workplace, the employment pink slip can leave you feeling unanchored particularly if you don’t recognize the signs, in advance. Having been in this place, I have experienced both the voluntary and involuntary employment departure. In this presentation, I share with you examples that display the reality and truth behind these occurrences. Don’t find yourself being surprised but instead take hold of these principles and use them as a platform that sets you up to succeed.

Living Life…..on and with Purpose

Imagine standing in line at the end of your life, only to find out that you were standing in the wrong line, your entire life. What a waste! Do you know what is that one thing that you were put on this earth to achieve? It’s the thing that you always find yourself drawn to, the one thing that you can complete with your eyes shut and executing with very little effort. If you haven’t yet figured out what your purpose is, then join me on a journey of exploration, challenge and discovery of your purpose.

Finding Meaning in the Valley’s of Life
(Life’s Challenges)

No one would ever profess their desire to walk through a valley of darkness however it is undeniable that great perspective can be gained, in direct response to these challenges. It’s like participating in a grueling marathon that you never signed up for. As much as we naturally prefer the bells, whistles and fireworks of life’s mountaintops, the greatest life lessons have been revealed in pain, denial, death and for some of us, even torment. My message will shift the way you view the challenges that accompany life. With an understanding of my perspectives, you will find ways to reflect on these situations as potential growth opportunities.


I’m known for bringing my distinctive touch of “exsellence” to whatever it is that I endeavour to do. With my varied background in executive administration and event planning, my professional experience has spanned across various industries and regions. I launched my career in Toronto and then moved onwards to the United States. In an effort to escape the cold winters of North America, my move to Bermuda was a natural fit. This beautiful island allowed me to discover and grow in unchartered talents. I became a Television News Anchorwoman and have just recently released my debut book entitled “Life Lessons from a Broken Heart”. In this recent book, I take you on a journey of self-reflected life lessons from my own personal heartbreak and that of others using influences from today’s popular culture and my faith. This labour of love was birthed from both a need to heal and to create.

I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a purpose however having a relationship with GOD is paramount to understanding the true meaning of what that purpose serves. Impacted by my faith, I don’t hesitate to share with others how GOD weaves himself into the daily fabric of my life.

Motivated to bring value to all those that I come into contact with, I desire to influence and impact by not only communicating but also to connect. Through effective connections, we can have stronger relationships and can influence our “piece of de rock” for the ultimate greater good.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing a good game of tennis, watching movies and love to throw back with ole school music from the 80’s and 90’s.

A five year forecast into my life includes more travel, more connections and of course, more love!

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